Active Adventures in the Heart of Nature. A Modern Treasure Hunt Fostering Physical Activity and Outdoor Exploration
What is geocaching?

What is geocaching?

It is not a secret anymore that being outdoors and engaging in physical activities has positive effects on our overall well-being [1]. However, it is not always easy to decide on an outdoor activity, especially one that is both educational and entertaining. One easy and fun way to explore, move, play and practice orientation in nature, is a high-tech treasure hunt called geocaching.
Geocaching is a GPS-supported modern variant of the classic outdoor treasure hunt, originating in the United States and now popular worldwide, especially in countries like Sweden, Germany and Canada. The participants search for hidden treasures, so-called “caches”. These caches typically include a container with a logbook and a pen as essential contents. The precise coordinates of the cache, sometimes accompanied by hints, are published on websites such as Interested individuals or groups can then look for the hideout, the geocache, and make a note in the logbook and continue the adventure [2].

All you need is a smartphone with internet connectivity and two specific apps—a GPS app to input cache coordinates and a map app connected to A power bank can also be advisable to avoid running out of battery. Concepts and rules can be learned during the treasure hunt or through online resources and geocaching platforms [3].

Benefits of geocaching

  • Age Versatility: Suitable for all age groups.
  • Season and Location Independence: Not restricted by season or location.
  • Geographical Freedom: Caches available in numerous countries, both urban and natural settings.
  • Flexible Engagement: Can be enjoyed individually or as a group activity.
  • Enhanced Exploration: Encourages discovery of new and diverse locations.
  • Physical Activity: Promotes movement and exercise.
  • Cognitive Stimulation: Involves problem-solving and navigation skills.
  • Interactive Learning: Encourages learning in an engaging, practical manner.
  • Social Connection: Fosters bonding and teamwork when practiced with others.

So what are you waiting for? Try it with your students or children and let us know how you liked it on our social media with the hashtag #RYHEALTH (Rock Your Health).

Author: Rebekka Mannelqvist, RV

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